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A little bit more about FlyCowork


You can access with you key card whenever you want at any moment of the day, any day of the year. 

Every day Cleaning Service

The coworking, fresh and polished 24/7

Kitchen and Dinning Area

Bring your food from home or prepare something here, exactly the way you would do at your house

Parcel reception

At a wide timetable: from 07:00h to 21:00h.


Reception to receive your phone calls, messages and take notes. Everything in your name.

Personal Locker

You are the only one who will have access to it. If you want to leave something when you go home you can leave it there. 

High Speed Internet

WiFi or ethernet connection. Impossible to find faster internet

Photocopies and Printer

Black and White or In Colour, it is included in your pack for free


During the office hours. No worries at all

Tax domiciliation

You can sign up for a Social Security Number at this direction. 

Coffee and Water

Things of vital importance in every office that aspires to something! 

All expenses included

The price includes light, water, gas consumption and all other expenses. There are no surprises. 

What about working here?


If you are working for your own, this will not be a problem. You will come to a work environment with amazing facilities and full of and motivation so that you can be your best version as a freelancer. 


Your start-up will grow bigger without the need to go to other offices. You can change your plan whenever you want and move to a bigger office if your company grows. And we are sure it will do so, you are in the perfect environment. Check out the possibilities. 


At the end of the month you will not have to waste hours with dozens of bills. You will only have one and no more worries apart from the growth of your company and how this will be transformed into a way that lets you live the life you have always dreamed of. 

Would you like to be part of this?

Come to see us without any obligation. Leave us your email  so that we can arrange a visit, we will welcome you with open arms! 

I would like to get to know the coworking

Is there anything more you would like to ask?

These are the more frequently asked questions of the people that contact us:  

What do the plans include?

EVERYTHING YOU HAVE SEEN apart from the meeting room hours that are only in two of the three plans available. According to the plan you choose to pay, you can enjoy everything else 24/7/365

Is there a permanency?

No, we don’t have permanency. If you want to leave the coworking you will only need to let us know 30 days before. On the other hand if you want to book your office space for 6 months we will make a 5% discount in your total price. 

Is the coworking getting bigger?

Yes: we are a totally new coworking in Barcelona but we are getting bigger. Soon, we will have more space in the same building and after that we will open more offices in other spots of Barcelona that obviously you will be able to work. 

Is the building new?

Yes, absolutely. It is adapted to the new regulations about occupational hazards in order to help you improve your posture at work and be comfortable while taking care of your health. By the way, everything is manufactured in Spain. 

If I want to do a Skype Call? What do I do?

You could easily do it from our Phonebooths, places specially designed for that purpose. Without any use limits. 

Can I come by car?

Of course! We are located in Ronda del General Mitre 126 and we have a parking space only 200 meters away. For a small additional cost you can park your car there any time you want to. 

Can I rent additional services?

Apart from what you already have seen you can book more hours in the meeting room area, rent computer screens or equipment in order to develop your work. If you don’t want to bring your own computer this is the best option. 

I am coming to meet you

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