The dream of working at home can become a nightmare if you don’t know how to organize yourself properly in your day to day.

Sometimes not having a barrier that separates work from personal can play tricks on you and affect your productivity, concentration and even creativity.

Today we want to tell you what problems you may encounter when working at home and what alternatives you have to solve them.

Take notes!

#1 You will feel lonely

At the beginning of your adventure as an entrepreneur, the fact that you have to work alone from the solitude of your home may seem very attractive.

Not having problems with colleagues or a boss to put up with, is exactly one of the reasons you became self-employed.

But you will see that as time goes by, not leaving your house, not having conversations with anyone and ultimately, being alone for so long, will start to affect you; your productivity decreases and you may even feel a strange sense of sadness. After all, people are social beings.

Rodeado de profesionales

How can you fix this? Surrounded by other professionals!

Surround yourself with professionals once or twice a week. Go to a coworking space and force yourself to leave home.

#2 Excessive time flexibility

Working from home means you can do it at any time. The time flexibility of this type of work is another of the reasons that prompted you to work for your own and it turns out that not having a set schedule is a big mistake.

Time freedom is phenomenal when setbacks arise, but on a day-to-day basis we recommend that you establish a work schedule in which your only objective is to work.

Eliminate distractions, turn off the television, put your mobile away and restrict access to your social networks. If you don’t, you will see that you have pending deliveries and you have no other alternative than to do it at odd hours.

Be your own boss, but be a good boss and set a work schedule to finish your tasks

#3 The sofa is not a good place to work

Your concentration and productivity can be linked to your body posture while you are working.

Perhaps you think that working from the sofa is not so bad. On a cold rainy day you cover yourself with a blanket and put your computer on your lap with a cup of hot coffee at hand.

Without a doubt, it is an ideal situation but that is not really going to help you at all.

Working on these conditions can be quite uncomfortable, causing muscle injuries due to bad posture.

Working from home allows you to do it anywhere, yes, but another one of our tips is that you have a fixed space to do it: a desk and a chair, good lighting and the material you need in hand.

Organizing a work space for yourself will also help you separate the personal environment from the work environment in your home.

#4 Take off your pajamas

Perhaps you think that it is odd to get dressed up if you don’t have to leave the house, that working in pajamas is not so bad either and that you also save a lot of time.

But let us tell you that getting into the shower and getting dressed each day is a symbolic way of going to work.

It is the perfect solution to separate the personal from the work and if you want, you can even go out for breakfast with someone to return home charged with energy and face a new day at work.

#5 Stop cleaning

Are you looking at the sink full of dishes from last night’s dinner? Perhaps you think that you should do laundry.

If you are on your working schedule, forget about everything house related.

It may be difficult for you, but perhaps you need to give your house tasks to somebody else. And if you can’t afford it financially, then find a different time to do it.

Have you considered that perhaps it is a good idea to tidy up the house before going to sleep at night?

ordenado escritorio

Maintaining a clean and orderly environment will help you eliminate distractions of this type.

Working at home is possible if you know how

It is possible that on a day-to-day basis you think that everything is fine, but any aspect that can affect your productivity, your concentration and even your emotions can affect your earnings. If your performance decreases, this means that it will take longer to get the same work done.

Do not let working at home affect you in this way and apply the solutions that we have proposed here today.

You will not regret it!



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