5 webs to get a job as a freelance in digital marketing

You were thinking it would be easier when you took the decision to be a freelancer?

Definitely at that moment you had clients that you could count on and be sure that you would have a job for a few months and you entered the world of entrepreneurship. You might were thinking that looking for new clients wouldn’t be that hard. 

The truth is that finding a job as a freelancer can be at times complicated if you are not looking at the right place. At Flycowork (one of the best coworking places in  Barcelona) we want to teach you 5 websites where you can find new jobs at digital marketing.

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#1 Freelancer

If you want to get a job as a freelancer in the sector of digital marketing you cannot overlook this portal. 

It recommends you to create a profile where you talk about your abilities in the sector that you are looking for a job, then you can be subscribed to the offers that are already published. 

You can do different types of jobs: Small projects or bigger ones, with a fixed price or even work for employers that are located in other countries if you feel comfortable with the language. 

They have a paying system through the platform, that assures you that you are getting paid for your work. Their customer service center works 24/7

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your profile in Freelancer

#2 Fiverr

This platform lets you buy and sell services through the publication of an offer. 

For example:  you publish an offer about what your service provides, the cost of them and the people that might be interested. 

The competence is huge. However, if you know how to sell yourself and you are clear and specific about the services that you offer, definitely somebody will want to contract you. 

Why don´t you try your luck on Fiverr?

#3 Workana

Through this portal you can find work offers for digital marketing and more sectors. 

Like you already imagine, you will have to create a profile showcasing your abilities, your knowledge and experience in digital marketing, once you have it completed you will need to pass a test where Workana makes sure that you indeed do what you claim. 

Another advantage of this platform is that they do the payments. This guarantees you that even though you are working for people you don’t know, you are still earning your salary. 

Is there an offer that calls your attention in Workana

#4 Twago

Start making your profile for free so that the people who are looking for freelancers in Twago can get in contact with you. 

Don’t forget to include your knowledge, your skills and previous work experience, the more information you add to it, the more posibilites you have to be getting a job. 

And there are various ways that a freelance job offer can get to you through this platform.

  • Wait for notifications about new projects at your email.
  • You can actively look for new projects in the website.
  • Clients can find you and reach directly to you.

When you apply for a job offer, your petition will be checked from the client. If the client chooses you and you get the job the payment will be made through the platform.

Are you ready to find your next client at Twago ?

#5 Upwork

This webpage is one of the oldest ones from those who connect clients with freelancers in multiple sectors and languages. 

Create a profile that specifies your most important skills in digital marketing, find a project that you like and send your application. If the client selects you and of course after submitting your work, you will receive the payment through the platform with absolute security.

Get Registered in Upwork and don’t loose more opportunities!


You can get a freelance job if you know how.

Getting registered in these platforms won’t assure you that you get a job as a freelancers today, but you have to start somehow.

And who knows, you might find this project that you have been looking for so long and you can start being part of something bigger and not have to look for clients ever again.

However, do not forget the tipical platforms like Infojobs that at times post job opportunities for freelancers as well, and of course LinkedIn will always be there. It has a spare section where they post job opportunities, between those you could definitely  find something interesting for you. Apart from that, it is a social media, you can start interacting with your future clients.

And what about now? Are you ready to find you next job as a freelancer?


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