You made it! You are a freelancer! Congratulations, you have finally made your dream come true, you are your own boss. 

From now on you will be able to control your timetables, you will plan your week and decide with who are you working with. You will choose your own work partners and also have the flexibility to choose your clients.

However, pay attention! If it shines, it doesn’t mean it is gold. You will face a lot of challenges and difficulties on your way. Are you prepared for that? If you are, you already know the benefits that working in a coworking has, but if you don’t we will show you 6 of these benefits!

#1 Increase of Productivity

We place it in the first spot since it is proved that this is the first reason why professionals consider changing the space of their workplace and they decide to look for a coworking space.

Working from home, especially if it is the first time you do it has some drawbacks and one of them is that concentration levels fall drastically. If you don’t live alone it is very common that your family does not understand or respect your work schedule and your workspace like your work environment would do.

If you are suffering from interruptions and lack of organization it is time to look for another alternative. 

#2 Make contacts

Do you know the amount of things networking can mean to you? When you enter in a shared workspace you will start forming part of a participatory system not only professionally but as well socially. This network allows you to:

  • Exchange amazing ideas and view points.
  • Work collectively with other experts. Not only from your sector, but from complementary fields as well.
  • Find collaborations and new clients from recommendations.
  • Get knowledge about the job of other coworkers and apply it to your own project. 
  • Make partnerships. It’s a win-win situation 

#3 Learning and Training 

Approach the development of you project from different sides. You don’t only have to work. You can also take the chance to learn about new fields that are directly related with your job. This multiplys your possibilities. 

Or maybe you can learn something for something that at first sight does not look very relevant, however it might be useful in the future. 

In the common ares of the coworking they usually organize educational events and trainings for the members: talks, seminars, courses… there is a wide range of materials, just follow them on social media and things will pop up. 

Are you ready to add quality to your work life?

#4 Salud física y mental

Get through endless working days at home and alone will not provoke you any positive feelings, you can trust us. 

With this lifestyle, it is only a matter of time to feel demotivated. Is this the way to reach your goals? Don’t make it more difficult for yourself. Professional isolation only leads to failure. 

Humans are social beings by nature, we need constant interaction with the rest in order to explore and develop our talents. 

Also, what about moving a little bit more? Working in a coworking space gives you the opportunity to walk until there every day or give a second life to your bicycle. Stay fit! 

#5 Infrastructure and tools. 

At this point we will talk a little bit about commodities. Have a work space that is suitable and good for your posture and health weather it is at home or at any other place needs time and money. 

At a coworking you have everything ready, you only have to put the energy. 

A saber: mobiliario ergonómico, zonas de descanso, máquinas de refrescos y snacks, cafetería, iluminación, climatización, salas de reuniones, cuartos de baño, limpieza diaria de todas las instalaciones y por supuesto… ¡conexión a Internet súper velocísima!

Disfruta de todo esto y más en el horario que tú prefieras, recuerda que aquí no tienes que fichar.

#6 Ventajas económicas

Ya no estás solo, así que para tenerlo todo no hace falta que te encargues de todas esas elevadas facturas una por una. En el coworking todo se comparte, también los gastos.

Ocúpate solo de pagar una cuota mensual. Así puedes ahorrar bastante e invertir esos fondos como mejor consideres. Si pensabas en el coworking como un desembolso más a final de mes, dale la vuelta y míralo así: muchos pagos menos a cambio de uno solo.

¿Qué te han parecido estos 6 motivos de peso?

Dependiendo de diferentes factores como tu situación, tu tipo de trabajo o incluso tu propia personalidad, unos pueden pesar más que otros. De cualquier modo, estamos seguros de que te has visto reflejado de alguna manera en varios de los puntos que hemos expuesto.

Sean cuales sean tus razones, si ya estás concienciado de los múltiples beneficios que el trabajo en coworking puede traer a tu vida profesional, ¡adelante!

Conéctate a la red y busca un espacio adaptado a tus necesidades. Te sorprenderá saber que tienes uno bastante cerca de tu casa. ¿Por qué probar? Porque no tienes nada que perder y todo lo que puedes ganar tiene mucho que ver con él éxito de tu negocio.

Te lo aseguramos: ¡no te arrepentirás de trabajar en un coworking!


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