Improve your productivity thanks to the pomodoro technique

In most cases, working more hours does not mean more tasks. Achieving high productivity in studies or at work can be difficult if we do not know how to do it. The pomodoro technique, invented in 1980 by Francisco Cirillo, tries to solve this problem by performing small sprints with a high level of concentration, with the aim of making the most of time.

In this article we are going to explain how to apply this popular methodology in your day-to-day with the aim of making your working hours more effective and increasing the quality of your results.

How to apply the pomodoro technique at work

Applying this productivity technique is quite simple. We are going to see step by step the method that we must follow:

  1. Applying this productivity technique is quite simple. We are going to see step by step the method that we must follow:


    To begin with, we have to choose a task that we want to complete. This can be, for example, reviewing a project, writing a report or any other type of task that we have pending


    Once the task to be carried out has been chosen, we will use a timer to start working for 25 minutes fully concentrated. Once the time has passed, it will be time to take a short break of five minutes. When we have finished this break, we can say that we have completed a pomodoro.

    Each period completed will be named in this way. After the break, we will start the process again, to return to work for another 25 minutes and rest for five, concluding the second pomodoro. We will repeat this up to a total of 4 times, which is when we will take a longer break. This should be about 20 minutes, although there is no problem if we extend it a little longer.

    We repeat this process throughout the day until we finish all pending tasks or everything that we have planned for the day. If the times of the pomodoros and breaks do not convince you, you can customize them to your liking.

    In summary, this technique is based on dividing our work into small tasks that we will carry out based on pomodoros. Thanks to the combination of periods of high concentration and short breaks, we will be able to improve our effectiveness and avoid that fatigue that reduces our productivity.

Advantages of the pomodoro technique

The main advantage of the pomodoro technique is that its application helps us to improve productivity by promoting concentration.

It forces us to rest. Although this may seem quite trivial, it is actually very important. This is because, with a good rest, you can perform better and avoid fatigue or stress.

On the other hand, organizing ourselves in this way allows us to better divide tasks into blocks and thus set time limits.

It is a technique that gamifies work to make it more bearable

Avoid procrastination, laziness and multitasking.

You can even use pomodoros as a billing method, setting the value of each pomodoro and multiplying the number of pomodoros used in a task.

Apps and websites to calculate your pomodoros

Young man with time tracking application.

There are a large number of applications to be able to have a specific timer at hand to apply this technique. Tools like Marinara Timer or Focus To-Do will allow you to keep track of your pomodoros wherever you are. You can find them completely free of charge in the app store of your Smartphone. You can also use the typical kitchen clock to count your pomodoros in a simple way.


This technique has its detractors and may not be easy to apply for many people. However, switching to this work methodology can be very beneficial for your productivity. Thanks to the simplicity that it has in terms of its execution, we can assess the results in a short time.

If you get used to working in this way, you will soon realize that your work days become more bearable, that you are much more productive and you do not feel tired or stressed as much.

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