Do you have to prepare a presentation and are looking for techniques to speak in public because you are not feeling confident about doing it? Don’t worry, it’s more common than you might imagine and that is why we want to help you make your speech a success with some tips so that you can speak in public without dying trying.

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#1 Be you

If you were thinking of putting yourself in the shoes of an aggressive executive when that is not your style, forget about it. Try to be very natural, if you don’t, you’re more likely to sound strange and it will come off as weird.

While public speaking requires a certain presence, don’t dress up for it either. That is, you do not necessarily have to wear a suit if you do not do it during your workday. The important thing is your knowledge and what you try to convey. Take care of your image, yes, but without going overboard.

Do you like to make jokes? It can be a good start to break the ice in your presentation.

Hablar en público

#2 Know your audience

Obviously, your level of naturalness will depend on the audience you are addressing and your vocabulary must be adapted to their level of understanding of the subject.

Your main objective is that they listen to you, that they don’t get bored. How would you feel if you were watching and listening to your presentation?

Empathize with your audience and find the middle ground so that your explanations do not fall short but are not a display of pedantry either.

# 3 Practice the exposure

Once you have the presentation and the script ready, you can start practicing with a stopwatch; stick to the script but don’t memorize it because it won’t look natural. If you have the chance, try speaking in front of a known audience during your practice.

It will help you to practice your speech, to receive feedback on your way of speaking, your vocabulary and the rhythm you use, because if they are friends or family, they will tell you the truth and you will know what you can do to improve your speaking.

# 4 Look at your audience

Bringing supportive audiovisual material is great for speaking in public, however, don’t look at it all the time.

Your audience is waiting for you to tell them something interesting and they are willing to listen to you. Look them in the eyes, set a pattern to go through all the people in the room. From the left corner to the right, from front to back, in a zigzag …

Of course, try not to keep your speech for a long time or change it quickly; Find a middle ground where it seems like you want to talk one-on-one with everyone at once, just like you would with your group of friends.

Remember that the supportive material is just that, supportive, and that looking at the cards that you carry in your hands or at the screen of your presentation is takes you away from your audience.

# 5 Start with the best

A great technique for public speaking is to start with the best.

The ideal thing to get the attention of your audience is to show them the final conclusion of your presentation. Does it show favorable results for the company? Which benefits are obtained if some techniques are applied?

If you show the result, your entire audience will want to see how you have achieved it. It will show greater attention and your job will be to maintain it with a good rhythm in your words and an attractive supportive material.

#6 Storytelling


Storytelling is a fantastic technique to hook up your audience; tell them a story to empathize with you, put themselves in your place and identify the situation.

Obviously it has to be a story that is related to the subject of the presentation; not very long, but that serves as an incentive so that they want to continue listening to you.

In addition, stories are always a good vehicle for presentations and a public speaking tool that will help you stay natural.

You too can speak in public if you want to.

If you are an entrepreneur and you are about to face a great opportunity in your career, it is normal that speaking in public makes you lose your nerve, but in the business world we have all been there.

In Flycowork you can meet other freelancers like you who can surely give you some advice for this experience and who knows, maybe you will find volunteers who want to listen to your presentation before you present it to somebody.

Be sure that no one knows your subject better than you and that you are the best person there is to convey your own ideas.

Are you prepared to speak in public;


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