Digital nomad: a new way of life

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a digital nomad? The globalized use of the Internet and telecommunication has made it easier than ever to make it happen. Working whenever and wherever you want, today on a beach in Bali and the day after tomorrow at the foot of Kilimanjaro is something real and doable, as many people have taken this philosophy as a way of life.

What is a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are basically characterized by two things: they work remotely for other companies or for their own and they do it from anywhere in the world. This way of life is based on carrying a laptop and a suitcase with our personal things to travel around the world, while earning money working online.

It is a new philosophy of life that takes advantage of the full potential of new technologies to work from anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. There are no office hours or a routine that is repeated day after day. Each working day is different and exciting thanks to the freedom that telecommunications provides.

Many people have switched to this way of life, tired of the routine and driven by an uncontrollable desire to discover the wonders of the world.

How does a digital nomad live?

The most important items for digital nomads are their laptops and smartphones. These are the foundation on which their life is based, they are the tools they use to be able to get the necessary money to travel to their next destination.

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Their work goes with them wherever they go, so they don’t need a fixed office to work in, just a chair, a table and an Internet connection. A restaurant, a cafeteria, a coworking space, a library… any place that meets the conditions is sufficient.

A digital nomad is usually a very daring and adventurous person who refuses to live as society dictates. Free souls who are eager to live new experiences, learn about other cultures and socialize with new people every day. They are enterprising people who are clear about what they want and decide to go for it. They work to live, and not the other way around.

The culture of the digital nomad is also closely related to minimalism. They are people who do not need many things to live, since what is important for them are life experiences. In their suitcase, apart from their laptop, they only carry the essentials to live a simple life.

What jobs allow you to have this way of life?

Currently there are a large number of professions to live as a digital nomad. The technological revolution has created dozens of jobs compatible with this type of life. They are clearly associated with the digital world and are accessible to profiles of all kinds. The most prominent professions among digital nomads are:

Programmer: Software development is one of the most common jobs for the digital nomads. Their main tools, apart from their laptop, are their head and their knowledge. They usually work for other companies, with whom they communicate basically by chat and by phone. This profession is reserved for people with studies or knowledge of programming.

Consultant: are you an expert in a sector or in a specific subject? Then you can be a digital nomad. The figure of consultant or advisor is fully compatible with the culture of the digital nomad. You can advise other professionals who need your knowledge online, either by video call, by chat or by email.

Designer: Graphic designers and web designers are in the same situation as programmers. Currently, the design sector is almost completely digital, so a computer is enough to carry out any type of work.

Editor/Copywriter/Translator: the internet is full of websites that need original or translated content, as well as many companies that need sale texts for their products. A word processor will be enough to write any type of article, commercial email or any other text. It is a profession that can be developed anywhere, so it is perfect for digital nomads.

Community Manager: another 21st century profession that you can practice in Spain, China or the USA. The Community Manager can manage the social networks of any brand or company even from their mobile phone, so it is easy to practice this profession regardless of the place you are

Flycowork, an ideal workspace for digital nomads

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