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Coworking in Barcelona (in the zone of Sarrìa) with view of the city and Tibidabo.

I am a Freelancer

Do you want a place where working will no longer be a problem but it will become an asset. Being surrounded by other professionals like you, that you can share your every day life. 

I am a Start – up

You have the idea and you only need to germinate it in the right environment, where scalability is easy and networking has the leading role. 


I am a Company

You already know what does having your own office means. But what if you could still have it without all the typical worries? 

But wait, before we start talking about Flycowork

What do coworking spaces have that every time I see more?

1. Productivity

They are your work space. You are going to work and you are more productive than any other place, it´s the habbit that does the job for you. 


2. Networking

When two complementary professionals work just 10 meters away from each other the inevitable happens: collaborations all over the place


3. Freedom

If you are not in the mood to go to work you just don’t go and nobody can tell you a thing. You organize your time the way you want to, that’s why you have decided to be an entrepreneur anyway.  


4. Possibilities

A coworking doesn’t have to be a renovated industrial space with a lot of desks. There is life beyond that and we are gonna show you. 

Flycowork: más que un coworking

And what about working here?


Working for your own won’t be a problem anymore. You will come to a work environment full of commodities and motivation to make you give the best of you as a freelancer.


Your start-up will grow bigger without the need to go in other offices. Change your plan according to your needs and modify your space as quickly as your business grows. And it will grow, it’s the perfect environment to do so. Check the possibilities.


At the end of the month you won’t have to spend hours looking at dozens of bills. You will only have one, and zero worries apart from making your business grow and convert it to the way that gives you the opportunity to live the life you have always dreamed of.

We like being associated with these concepts:

The rooftop is absolutely amazing, we wouldn’t try to fool you. We have dedicated and hot desks, private offices and meeting rooms… But what we love the most is creating community. 

A community with great professionals that are inspiring each other, that are connected with the rest and encourage their creativity and passion for their projects. 

You can change from one plan to the other easily. You know better than anybody what your business needs in each moment. 

Apart from that without permanency: when you want to leave us you can, even thought you are breaking our heart, you only have to let us know with 30 days of anticipation and this would be enough. We will always adapt to you and your possibilities. 

Additional Services

Flycowork belongs in a bigger unit. We could provide you these additional services:

Business Consulting, Tax and Accounting Advise, Financing, Human Resources. 


Where are we located?

We are located in the top floor of Ronda del General Mitre 126, in Sarrià (Barcelona). An area that is easily accesible with car or public transport, perfectly connected with other areas of Barcelona. If you want to come by car you also have the option to rent a parking spot in the garage of the next building.  

Certified Installations

FLYCOWORK is certified by the company CECOW as a space with quality work spots and flexible offices that guarantee the wellness of our coworkers and the people who use the space. 

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Coworking in Mitre, Barcelona


Ronda del General Mitre 126, Barcelona


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